Ethereal at Quechee Balloon Rides we prefer to fly "smaller balloons".  Our largest balloon is 105,000 cubit feet, which can carry 4  adult passengers plus the pilot.  This offers all of our guests an intimate experience. Groups of 4 automatically get a private basketo




I first named this balloon Roy G. Biv, but during my third season flying it I found out the balloon had received the name "Carrots" by children in my neighborhood.  Confused, I asked them about it and was quickly shown that the orange and green form the shape of a carrot, 14 in total, something I had never noticed.  It's funny how perspective changes with age.  The name was changed immediately.   

  • Volume of 105,000 cubic feet

  • Can carry 4 passengers plus pilot

  • Largest Basket available for passenger amount (designed to carry 6 passengers) - very comfortable.

  • Colors Glow and illuminate well at night for Balloon Glow events

  • Dual burners with output of 19,300,000 BTU/Hr each

  • Quietest burners available

Jackie The Jack-o'-Lantern

  • Largest pumpkin in Vermont & New England

  • We set Jackie up in the front yard on Halloween to pass out candy to kids.

  • Dual Personality

    • Sinister Smile side

    • Sad/Angry/Upset/Mean side

  • Volume of 90,000 cubic feet

  • Stands just over 63 feet tall

  • Just over 60 feet wide

  • Can carry 3 passengers plus pilot

  • Made of polyester

  • Triangle Basket

  • Someone in Maine has this exact balloon tattooed on their leg.