Even after flying commercially for 10 years we still prefer to fly "smaller balloons".  Our biggest balloon is 105,000 cubit feet, which can carry 4  adults.  This offers all of our guests an intimate experience, in which everyone can easily engage with the pilot, ask questions, hear everything, and not blend into a large multi-party group.  Groups of 4 automatically get a private basket, try finding this value anywhere else.   

Smaller balloons can also maneuver faster and more easily than large ones,  react to heat faster, and can land in smaller fields making more landing options available. They don't carry as much momentum, and are easier to get out of wind currents to slow down. 8-14 passenger balloons are 2 to 3 times the volume and much heavier, making for a vastly different experience.


I first named this balloon Roy G. Biv, but during my third season flying it I found out the balloon had received the name "Carrots" by children in my neighborhood.  Confused, I asked them about it and was quickly shown that the orange and green form the shape of a carrot, 14 in total, something I had never noticed.  It's funny how perspective changes with age.  The name was changed immediately.   

  • Volume of 105,000 cubic feet
  • Can carry 4 passengers plus pilot
  • Largest Basket available for passenger amount (designed to carry 6 passengers) - very comfortable.  
  • Colors Glow and illuminate well at night for Balloon Glow events
  • Dual burners with output of 19,300,000 BTU/Hr each
  • Quietest burners on the market


Jackie The Jack-o'-Lantern

  • Largest pumpkin in Vermont & New England
  • Dual Personality
    • Sinister Smile side
    • Sad/Angry/Upset/Mean side 
  • Volume of 90,000 cubic feet
  • Stands just over 63 feet tall
  • Just over 60 feet wide
  • Can carry 3 passengers plus pilot
  • Made of polyester
  • Triangle Basket
  • Someone actually has this balloon tattooed on their leg.